as a Mother Tongue

We ensure that bilingual children of Turkish origin in the Netherlands have access to Turkish lessons to support their mother-tongue development.

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In-person Learning

We provide in-person education across the Netherlands.

High Quality Education

We introduce our students to the Turkish Language with our teachers who have pedagogical formation certificates from accredited universities. The books used in our classrooms are approved by the Ministry of National Education of Turkey and designed accordingly with the needs of Turkish language learners.

Learn Turkish

We determined our mission to provide Turkish language education to children willing to learn Turkish in an academic setting.

We aim to contribute to mother tongue development with our team consisting of experienced Turkish teachers. We cooperate with local non-profit organizations by asking them to provide a physical location for our lessons in which we provide learning materials.

By opening the classrooms of your non-profit organizations for use, you can support the Turkish lessons conducted within the Tulip Institute.

Why Tulip?

The Tulip flower reflects a cultural value in both the Netherlands and Turkey. The tulip flower was brought to Anatolia from its homeland, Central Asia, and then to the Netherlands during the Ottoman period. This commonship of the tulip symbol, which dates back even more than 400 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands, was established by means of the first Dutch ambassador, Cornelis Haga, who was appointed to the position in Istanbul in 1612. Since then, it has become one of the most well-known cultural symbols and used frequently by both nations on many different occasions.

Tulip is an elegant and potent symbol of the old partnerships of the two countries. The logo design of our Netherlands-based institute aims to use this symbol of cultural partnership and thus reflect the unifying power of shared values.