Tulip Institute was established in 2021 to support the Turkish language development of bilingual children of Turkish origin. Mother tongue development is a subject that many educators and linguists highlight its undeniable importance in favor of bilingual children’s emotional, linguistic, and cognitive development. Tulip Institute, therefore, aims to provide lessons of Turkish as a mother tongue to children between the ages of 7 and 12 and organize cultural activities in cooperation with other institutions and organizations having the same mission.

As proved in literature, the lack of mother-tongue learning directly impacts bilinguals’ social skills. Bilingual children adapt to society to the extent of their mother tongue competence. Society transforms and develops through linguistic diversity in an interrelated manner; thus, the biggest step towards ensuring cultural diversity, a fundamental element of building an inclusive community, is taken through providing educational opportunities for mother-tongue learning.

Tulip Institute aims to internalize cultural diversity, transfer it to future generations, and organize events to emphasize language maintenance. Hence, in this context, one of the primary goals of Tulip Institute is to spark the interest of Turkish origin children in Turkish language learning and to raise awareness about their mother tongue acquisition.

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