Tulip Institute is taking the initiative to establish a Turkish Children’s Library in the central library of Utrecht Neude in collaboration with Bibliotheek Utrecht. The books donated by parents will live with their names and reach hundreds of children!

We aim to bring bilingual children together in a city where the Turkish community predominantly lives to perpetuate their interest in the Turkish Language.

Would you pack a children’s book in your suitcase when returning from your holiday in Turkey this summer?

Donation Conditions

  1. The books are not over-used and shelfworn. If possible, they are published within the last decade.
  2. The books are published by well-known publishers and are prominent pieces of children’s literature.
  3. The books are suitable for children aged 4-12
  4. Contact information and the name (e-mail or phone number) of the person who donates books should be attached to the book.
  5. The name provided to be written in the book may vary; it can be the name of the parents, the children, or the family surname.
  6. No limitation on the book quantity that can be donated.
  7. Preferred publishing houses are as follows:

Yapı Kredi publications *İş Bankası Kültür Publishing *Can Publishing *Günışığı Publishing Ketebe Publications *Redhouse Kidz *Pearson *A B M Publications *BetaKids *REDCAT Publications *Taze Kitap Publishing *Desen Publishing *Mavi Bulut *Tudem *Uçan balık *Domingo Publishing House *Elma Publishing *1001 Çiçek * Bilgi Publishing *Martı Çocuk Publishing *Timaş Çocuk *Dinozor Çocuk *Dokuz Çocuk

You can make the donations at the listed donation locations until 30 September 2022.

Donation Locations:

Creatolia – Nijverheidsweg 21, 3534AM Utrecht

Lombok – Utrecht Ulu Moskee (To the office attendants on the first floor)

Kanaleneiland – Eyüp Sultan Moskee (To the canteen attendant at the entrance or to the office attendants upstairs)

Ondiep – Mescid-i Aksa Moskee (To the canteen attendant)

Postal Donations: Wolfstraat 68, 3513SZ Utrecht

You can send an e-mail to us at info@tulipinstitute.org, or you can reach us via WhatsApp for further questions, +31687543741.

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