Our “Tulip Turkish Children’s Book Collection’’ is opening at the Amsterdam OBA Banne Library!

We are opening the ‘Tulip Turkish Children’s Book Collection’ at the OBA Banne Library in collaboration with the Tulip Institute and OBA Banne Library in the Amsterdam Noord region.

In order to keep the interest of bilingual children growing up in the Netherlands alive in Turkish, we aim to introduce our children to special books of Turkish children’s literature at the OBA Banne Library in Amsterdam, one of the cities where a large part of the Turkish community lives.

“For the ‘Turkish Children’s Book Collection,’ which will be created with book donations from all parents living in the Netherlands, the donated books will be housed in the Banne Library, and your book, along with the donor’s name, will reach thousands of children!”

Detailed Information for Tulip Turkish Children’s Collection Donation:

  • The books should not be old, worn, torn, and should not have a printing date older than ten years.
  • In children’s literature, donated books must be known books.
  • Donated books should belong to well-known and recognized publishing houses.
  • Donated books should be targeted at children aged 4-12

Contact information and the name (e-mail or phone number) of the person who donates books should be attached to the book.

  • The donor’s name can be the parents’ name, children’s name, or family surname.
  • You can donate as many Turkish books as you wish for the ‘Tulip Turkish Children’s Collection’ campaign.

Preferred Publishing Houses:

Yapı Kredi publications *İş Bankası Kültür Publishing *Can Publishing *Günışığı Publishing *Ketebe Çocuk *Redhouse Kidz *Pearson

*ABM Publications *BetaKids *Kırmızı Kedi Publications *Taze Kitap Publishing *Desen Publishing *MaviBulut *Tudem *Uçanbalık *Domingo Publishing House *Elma Publishing *1001Çiçek * Bilgi Publishing *Martı Çocuk Publishing *Timaş Çocuk *Dinozor Çocuk *Dokuz Çocuk *Altın Kitaplar * Kumdan Kale Publishing

You can donate your books until May 31, 2024, to the Amsterdam OBA Banne Library.

OBA Banne Library Address: Bezaanjachtplein 249, 1034 CR Amsterdam

For any questions related to the campaign, you can send an email to info@tulipinstitute.org or reach out to us through our social media communication channels.